Millennium Park, Abuja


20 November 2015

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Flashback to 2003: it is December and the Queen of England is in Abuja for the Commonwealth meeting of Heads of Governments. As part of her itinerary, she has to plant a tree, a social custom associated with good faith and environmental awareness (and pictures, of course). But where? Millennium Park, of course, where else?

The featured photo above is actually of the Millennium Park in Chicago. I couldn't resist adding this photo for size. The photos that follow are of Abuja's Millennium Park

Millennium Park is the largest public park in Abuja, located in Maitama, one of the kosher neighbourhoods in Abuja.

Abuja's Millennium Park is (probably) the cheapest place to drink in the beauty of Nigeria

It boasts of having received more distinguished guests than probably any other park in Nigeria (feel free to NOT quote me on that). Apart from the botanical species on display in the park, it also has pools and fountains that literally cause one to pause and reflect at each glance, a ‘bridge’ is also constructed for those who want to stand and watch the water flowing beneath them. Swings and other fun games are available for your kids, so keeping them occupied is never a problem; the park provides a little in the area of edutainment also for kids, at the end of the park are flags of different countries giving the kids a fun way to learn of new places.

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Public holidays as well as festive periods are usually the busiest in the park, as different people, friends and families, spend time at the park relaxing. So, the most common activity at any time are separate picnics, the lush green grass providing rest; while the trees are there for shading too. In case you are a visitor with no family (and as usual no homemade food), there are shops that provide snacks, drinks and the usual just before you get in. Just like parks anywhere, shows/concerts are sometimes held on the lawn of the Millennium Park, they boast a good crowd as well as a solid show. It is common sight also to see music artistes shooting videos for their songs in the park, a ‘cameo’ appearance won’t exactly be a bad idea.

If you are in Abuja for business or leisure and willing to have a nice quiet time with nature, take a cab to Millennium Park, it’s easy and relatively cheap. Driving with your car too is no problem, ample parking space provided. The park offers free entrance, and is open to persons all day. Also, here's a look at the hotels you could lodge in during your stay.

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