Exclusive Tourist Beaches in Lagos

By Ernest

31 October 2015

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What is it that you will not find in Lagos when you want to explore the city? Little wonder, people are crazy about Lagos. You come here and the euphoria of social life and nightlife envelopes you. There is another aspect of Lagos that will always interest you if you love soft sandy beaches with forest and amazing views; the beaches. We know you are aware of Bar Beach but that is not the only beach that you can visit in Lagos. We have some of the beaches that you may want to come to when you are in the magical city of Lagos.

Halemson Beach

You probably have not heard of the Halemson Beach in Lagos that is one of the safest beaches that you can visit in Lagos. It is secluded, quite and beautiful. Victoria Island is about half an hour away from it. You will need a boat cruise to get there. Halemson Beach is specially reserved for those who love peaceful and natural environment.

Akodo Beach

Are you a fun seeker? Akodo Beach in Lagos is going to make you feel at home with its ultra modern setting. There are things to make you spend more time here, the amusement parks, chalets, serene swimming environment and lots more have been provided. The security is tight and would leave you safe and confident . There is no time that you come here that you would not see people because it is one of the most visited beaches in Lagos.

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Coconut Beach

Badagry Coconut Beach in Lagos is where you would drink coconut water until you are tired. The environment is lovely and romantic. Lovers will not be disappointed with the environment and the magnificent beach is there for you to do so many things at once. You can sleep over at the holiday resort and move around the beach in the night. It is one of the most beautiful places you can ever find yourself.

Bar Beach

Along comes Bar Beach, the most visited and popular beach in Nigeria. It has a tight security, well equipped facilities and horses for you to ride. You are going to explore the environment, feel the breeze from the ocean and have a memorable moment with friends and loved ones here. It is a charming place to visit.

Eleko Beach

Eleko Beach in Lagos is the last on our list and it is a clean, peaceful, safe and pretty beach to be. You would love the environment that is rejuvenating and refreshing. Come here and forget about the worries of life. Nature makes it classic and very homely for everyone.

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