Dress code for the American visa interview

By chris

09 November 2015

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Going for the American visa interview at the US Embassy in Abuja or the Consulate General in Lagos and you are wondering what to wear? Well, we have got you covered here. You should know that the interviewers at American Consulates are well trained in psychology and reading human patterns. Most of the interview would not be about the answers you give to the questions but about how you give them. Nervousness and anxiety can be bad for you, plus it would make you sweaty and sweaty does not look good.

Here’s how you should dress if you are going for the American visa interview in Nigeria.

Dress formal

If you were going for a job interview you would dress formally wouldn’t you? Well, this should be no different, even if it is a tourist visa you are applying for. The interviewer would likely be dressed formally and so should you.

Dress comfortably

Going for the American visa interview would already have you a little anxious to begin with, so why worsen it with a tight-fitting jacket or skirt? While dressing formal, dress comfortably too. This way, no matter how grilling the questions may seem, you would remain calm and easy.

Dress like who you are

If you are a student, dress like one. If you are a chief, it doesn’t hurt to dress like one too. This would help the interviewer to profile you. Coming to the interview decked out in shiny bling while your application profile states you are a sophomore student may give the interviewer the wrong ideas.

Once you have dressed well for the interview, you are already on your way to being successful. For more tips on how to be successful at the American visa interview, check out our post on How to pass the American visa interview

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