Bar Beach.

By Talatu Kwasu

31 January 2014

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This is one of the most popular beaches in Lagos state and let’s not forget, one of the most entertaining.

“Bar” beach is named so because of the sand bars that can be seen along the coastline of Lagos, this is funny because the beach itself is surrounded by sand bars, sweet coincidence. Bar beach is the ideal place for all your favourite social activities. Enjoy the amiable nature of the environment; the beautiful view of the water itself is breathtaking on its own.

The environment on the beach is vibrant and friendly, too. On getting to the beach, tickets for entry are bought at the entrance. The sound of the water waves splashing is an inviting one, modern “cool” music can also be heard playing at the beach. Interested visitors can rent tents for comfort.

There are so many varieties of fun activities carried out on the beach; you’ll find yourself overwhelmed at all the entertaining possibilities.

There are several horses available for people interested in riding. There’s skiing (both water and jet), equipments for this can be rented. Canoeing; there’s the option of paddling yourself (for the really adventurous ones) or having the canoe paddled for you, each attracts its own charges.

Make-shift volleyball and football courts, there’s table-tennis too; the balls for any of these activities can also be rented.For the adrenaline junkies, there’s kick boxing and wrestling.

There’s also water volleyball, archery, quad biking, table tennis, you could also try your hand at the pool/snooker table.

Your appetite is not forgotten, there is usually a selection of snacks, suya, small chops and drinks to be bought. So yes, bar beach is a great place to go and loosen up, “flex”, have a really fun time with all the games and activities waiting for you to involve yourself with.

The kids are not forgotten as well as there are swings and other playtime activities designated for the kids. The fine white sand has a soft feel and is great for strolls and people who just want to lie down. There is a stage for artiste performances, for concerts and so on, also for free karaoke.

The beach allows you to relax and have fun at whatever pace you desire. A perfect location for picnics with family and friends, it is also great for romantic dates. Bar beach is located along Victoria Island on Ahmadu Bello way, Lagos state.

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