A Den of Murderers Discovered in Lagos

By Solomon

13 November 2015

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LAGOS – Olufumbi Lawal, 32, was found lying dead in a pool of his own blood at an unoccupied block of flats at 34, Olorunfunmi Street, Ekore area in Oworonsoki. According to the report by Sahara Reporters, the victim was discovered when the alleged killers were attempting to hide the corpse. Olufumbi had been missing the previous day after he was last seen entering the building where his corpse was later found.

The building in question is a storey building which houses four apartments on each floor. Neighbours indicated that none of the apartments are occupied and, save for the security guards stationed at the gate, the building is virtually empty. The security guards have since been apprehended and are alleged prime suspects in the murder of Olufumbi, a resident of the street. On discovering Mr Lawal’s remains, a mob stormed the building and apprehended the security guards. After some interrogation, one of the alleged culprits confessed that he and four others killed Olufumbi. A source alleged that one of the culprits named Ali Mohammed confessed to him and his cohorts using iron bars and machetes to kill the victim. Ali and another culprit were apprehended while the others fled the premises as soon as they knew people had caught up to their heinous act.

According to a source, Mr. Ali also confessed that he and two other guards had bought three motorbikes from Olufumbi, promising to pay him in instalments. He said they had invited him on the evening of October 22, 2015 to receive payment for the bikes, adding that they had planned to kill him once he arrived.

Residents of the area who stormed into the guards’ quarters alleged that they also found other clothes soaked with blood in a large bag.
The residents also alleged that Mr. Ali had lured in and raped a bread-hawker in the same premises only two days before the discovery of the late Olufumbi’s body. According to Street residents, the suspicious house has a “For Sale” insignia painted in its front. But they alleged that the sign was only a decoy to mask the atrocities being committed in the house.

The police have since arrested Mr. Ali and other officers have been deployed to the house to prevent further damage to it by the outraged neighbours, said one police source. He added that some of the other murder suspects had fled on the bikes they had bought from their victim. The case is currently in court.

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