I was in my office on tuesday afternoon, piling up the parcel I was about to deliver that day when I got a customised message on my phone. ” You have been invited for test and interview on friday and saturday at DOLPHIN CONSULTING, at minna, niger state, come along with your original documents, recent passports, an attestation letter from your last place of work and a copy of your C.V. Interview comes up on saturday for successful applicants from friday’s test. Call 080* for further enquiries”

I was happy and joyous, I began to say it within myself that “atlast, I’m porting to the realm of 120k per month.”, I began to soliloquies on how I would save up to buy a car, how I would save up to buy a land and how I would be planning to settle down even without getting the job yet.

While I was rejoicing within me. My phone rang and it was tosin.

ME: hi padi mi

TOSIN: hi onihaxy,

ME: how are you?

TOSIN: I’m fine. I just hears that some people were invited for test and interview, are u among the people invited?

ME: yes, I just got the message not quite long, I was about to call you sef.

TOSIN: that’s cool. Just prepare well and read hard. I will do all it takes to make sure you get job. Infact, I’m assuring you that you would be employed.

ME: ok pal, thanks so much. how does the test questions looked like? And what are the areas I should practice on?.

TOSIN: we will talk about that later on whatsapp.
ME: ok.
I couldn’t hide my happiness even without getting the job yet. I was so happy throughout that day. Even at work, my colleague observed it that something is really happening to me. I didn’t bother to make any background check on the so called company. All my mind was just on the 120k salary.

I stopped at segun’s house after the work to break the news of my interview message to him. He was so happy about it and he helped me with few interview tips from his interview experiences.

On Wednesday, I made an enquires on how much it would cost me to get to niger state and return to akure.

I was told I would need like 15,000 minus transportation because I would get to abuja first before getting to niger state. I checked everything on me and all I had was 5,000. I went to meet segun for assistance and he also helped me with 5k because he was broke at that moment.

The problem now is how to get the remaining 5k.

I called tosin to inform him about my financial constraint and he told me that he just sent the last 65k on him to his parents. He told me to find a means of getting the money to come down there and he assured me that he would make sure he helped me in getting the job. I then remembered I have a friend in abuja named samson.

The first and the last time I visited abuja was during my 400level at the university when samson’s sister was getting married. Samson was my neighbour and also a friend then so I attended the wedding.

I converse with segun about how my trip will look like as it is my first time visiting niger state and also I don’t have sufficient money. He told me to leave akure on thursday and board a bus to abuja and then to niger state from abuja. And after the test, I should return to abuja and trace my friend I told him about and get some money from him.

And to be on the safer side, he said he will find a means of getting money and send to me latest on saturday incase I couldn’t get any help in abuja.

I shook hands with him and hugged him.

Segun is really a brother from another mother.

I took 2 days off for thursday and friday from my work place earlier on that tuesday.

I arranged all my original credentials in a file bag, and I took a cross bag (campus bag) containing 2 shirts, boxers, cream and my cards with me. The file bag couldn’t enter the campus back so I held it on my hand.

I went straight to the abuja park at around 9am. At the row where I was sitting, we were two. A woman at the other extreme side, followed by me.

After about 10minutes, a very pretty and fair lady join us on the seat to complete the row. I fall in love with the scents of her perfume instantly. Her pink top was revealing the upper part of her bosoms.

Her lips was red and tempting. In short, I forgot about my mission and I was so lost into my new seat-mate.

Few minutes later. The bus took off. I paid for my T.fare and I had 9,000 left with me. I forgot about my worries and I was thinking of how to initiate a chat with my new seat-mate. Each time I try to talk to her, I always got scared and I would keep quiet.

After about 1 hour into the journey. I took the courage to initiate a chat with her by asking her “what says the time?”. She replied me with a smile and the chemistry began to flow.

One thing led to another, we got along in the bus as we were chatting and talking all through.

When we got to the highway where snacks were been sold. I bought 4 galas and 2 can drinks out of my remaining 9k and we Shared it. “Chai onihaxy, if women no kill you, you go leave long”.

She appreciated the snacks and we continue chatting until she fell asleep. I offered her my shoulder to lean her head on which she doesn’t mind.

Soon, we arrived at benin at about 4pm and we alighted from the bus for a small recess which lasted for only 10mins. I wanted to ask for her number but I was scared to do so.

“Chai, I don miss my friend the event planner, he for don ginger me”.

After about five minutes drive away from the outskirt of benin city, our driver parked the bus and he asked us all to drop from the bus, complaining that the bus engine has knocked down and the bus will not be able to go as far as abuja…
We all dropped and I was sad cos my dream of a 120k job is in jeopardy, but deep inside me i was happy cos I knew this would be an opportunity for me to get to know my new friend. she already dropped and was trekking back towards benin city, I rushed up to her, summoned the courage and asked her name and she replied that her name was bimpe.


“Where do I go from here?” “Where do I turn to”?

“How do I get to abuja”?

“Where will I stay this night? Said bimpe

I checked the time and it was past 4pm.

I was even hungry. within me I thought myself and bimpe should clock into an hotel together. So I discussed it with her and she agreed. We trekked down the road heading back to benin city.

About 42 minutes later, we saw an hotel beside the roadside and we decided to check their price. We got in and we checked in… their price was manageable at least for the both of us in a room. Bimpe was very happy that she met me, and it was all written on her face that she is tired.

BIMPE: interesting. By the way, what are you doing in abuja?

ME: I came for a job interview in niger state and unfortunately, the job was a dream job and tomorrow is the interview and now we are here hooked up.

BIMPE: eeyaah.

ME: so what about you?, what are you going to do in abuja?

BIMPE: my dear, its a long and complicated story.

ME: please share with me

BiMPE: maybe when we get to the room.

ME: ok dear.
We entered our room,took our bath , and ate together sharing stories….
Bimpe leaned forward and rest on my chest. I was feeling pains as her weight was on me but konji wouldn’t let me talk.

She began to rub my hair as I placed my hand on her back. She caressed my face and began to play with my lips, my dick was resurrecting gradually and somehow, Bimpe locked her lips into mine and began to kiss me.
The kiss began to get passionate and our hands began movements. She was moaning softly and pressing my head toward her mouth as my own hands was busy searching for the zip on her white dress.

When I finally found it, I was pulling it down gradually as the kiss was getting hotter. I managed to pull it down to the end of the zip and my hands discovered that adebimpe was wearing only bra and a low waist pant. No singlet, no tights.
I was manipulating her bossom which I popped out of her bra as we were still kissing. I was having only my boxers left on me and bimpe was having her bra and her low waist pants on. Her white dress had travelled to the floor while her head attire had disappeared to the side of the bed and her previously well packed braids had scattered.

Adebimpe began to work her hands downward on me and I was also doing the same thing on her chest. She dipped her hands into my boxers and began to stroke my dick as I also dipped my hands inside her pants and located her clits with my finger. She was stroking it hard and my finger was also going inside and coming out of her punny hole at the same time. We were both moaning silently so as not to alert the people in other rooms.

At a time, bimpe pause stroking my dick stood up from the bed and removed her phone from her dress which was on the floor. She puts on some foreign “blues” song and increased the volume a bit while she placed it on the side of the bed.

We continued this until I felt some fluid poured on my fingers which flows down to my palm, “adebimpe don cum”. She let out a heavy moan as she kissed me afterwards.

Adebimpe removed her hand from my boxers, and turned around to back me in a “spooning style” with her bra and pants still on her. She removed my hand from her back and placed it on her waist as she stretched her left hand upwards to cuddle and tickle my hairs.

I was confused for about 2 minutes on what to do next. I don’t have a condom on me, bimpe looks tired and would sleep off any moment from now, my dick was still erect and strong, and my konji spirit wants to Bleep that night. I was totally confused.

I just placed my hands on her bosom still popped out of her bra and started manipulating again. I was just doing it to console myself but I never knew I was getting bimpe excited again.

She began to moan again and was getting uncomfortable on the bed. I noticed this and I decided to move the hand down to her abdomen and insert the hands into her pants and commenced finger bleeping again.

She was moaning as the music was still playing in the background. Bimpe stretched her hand to the back and started manipulating my dick from the boxers. At this time, the demon of konji had totally possessed me and all my thoughts was “Bleep Bleep Bleep!!!”.

The thoughts of condom suddenly disappeared from my mind. I removed my hands in her punny from the front, I took it to the back of her pants, I shoved the pants sideways and continued finger fucking bimpe. She was so much enjoying it that she tilted forward a bit and pushed her left lap forward for easy access.

I was doing this and she was still stroking my d!ck through the boxers. Suddenly, she dipped hands into my boxers and began to pull and draw my d!ck close to her a$$.

At first, I was confused about the message. But few moments later when she realised I wasn’t getting the sermon, she drew nearer to me by pushing her a$$ backwards and pressing it on my erected d!ck.

Instantly, I forgot condom, forgot about the risks involved, I forgot that I was suspecting bimpe to be a silent killer and I pressed her Bottom forward and gently slide my dick into her punny hole from behind as we are positioned in a “spooning style”.
Adebimpe rolled the bedsheet over to one side of the bed as I held bimpe’s B°ttom and pressed it forward with one hand and placed the other hand on the wall for support as I was using all my reserved forces to pump in and out of her from behind.

The hotel bed was shaking and making a sound as we were “spooning” each other.

After about 4 minutes, I felt so weak to do the pumping, I just left the d!ck still erected inside her punny and I was breathing heavily. I guess bimpe noticed it but she wasn’t satisfied yet.

She decided to do the job by herself and she began to push her Bottom to the back and pull it to the front while I remain stiff on the bed like log of wood.

After few moments of adebimpe bleeping me. I cummed and felt totally weak. I cuddled her while we were still on the same sleeping position till I slept off around 1am, and after some time
I heard the sound of the door and heard the sound of foot steps. I got terrified and sooner we heard the sound of a man saying open the door or else I will blow your head off if I force myself in. adebimpe signaled I open it. The robbers came in carted away with everything on me and KILLED bimpe ….. and I was left to ruin my journey……

  • Written by Oluwaseun Zenith Abiodun