There were four friends (Danny, Tessy, John, Favour) who taught their holiday would be one of the best.. After the last day of work their friends headed back home to pick their luggages for the road. Danny volunteered to drive and without showering he rushed out and picked them all in the car, it was about 7pm when everyone was in the car and on the road. With joy within their heart their mouth couldn’t just keep shut due to the over excitement, Tessy, John, Favour were just talking about how they would relax at the pool, have a nice breakfast or lunch or dinner, sleep all through the day, even do other things and just when Danny turned to fill them up with his own idea of what they will all do, cows from nowhere came walking into the road with their herdsmen a little bit far off as he turned to look at the road it was too late so he had to turn the steering wheel to the left in other to dodge the cows which came in from the right and this made him to hit the tree with the airbags coming out they all got hit but no bruises except Tessy who had a bruise on her side cheek. They found their way out of the car and the herdsmen saw what just happened, he found pity in them and told them that there was a hotel up ahead not too far from where they were and they got their luggages and headed for the hotel. On reaching there, they went in but couldn’t find the receptionist or anybody around so they got the keys from the cupboard where the keys are usually kept, the bulbs were already twitching even before the came in from the entrance and it continued as they were walking towards the path to the stairs. Their minds were not calm because they knew there was something wrong and so weird about the place as they wanted to have a good night rest so that tomorrow they could see want there can do about the car, moreover it was late. Walking up the stairs with their luggages finally they got to their room opening the door to enter they realized Favour was missing, there dropped their luggages and went down the stairs calling out for Favour but there was no response just silence. They went round the whole hotel knocking at each door hoping the neighbor could know any information about her where about but no one could say a thing and for them they didn’t know that they were ghost who they all spoke to. So they went to their room but they couldn’t sleep because all they could think all or talk about was how Favour got missing and out of sight. There heard a phone ring and this was in their room, the call from the counter and John picked up the phone though he was frightened, he heard Favour’s voice and quickly he ran out the door and down the stairs towards the counter to see Favour, leaving Tessy and Danny behind because they couldn’t caught up and as he reached there he couldn’t find any one there calling out for Favour who he got the call from but they was no response, just as he wanted leaving a door opened and he went to check if he could get anyone and as he looked to see what was there he tripped and he feel inside been unconscious, this was around 2 in the morning. Danny and Tessy finally came down to find out what had happened but couldn’t find John who ran out in a rush, now they had to call out for John but this was funny because we could hear some voices but couldn’t tell what it was so they went upstairs and Danny and Tessy said they won’t leave each other’s side. Before they knew it they had slept out, by 4am Tessy woke up from the voice of John which she heard she could tell that it was still dark and she left the room without Danny consent because John’s voice was calling out, “Tessy please help me, please Tessy” and Tessy frightened and the sound but was still anxious to look for John and because Favour was missing so she said not John too. She left the room walking towards the sound of John as it was getting closer and closer, this time it was upstairs so she headed up the stairs and was still moving but not reaching her destination. Danny finally woke up and turned round to check on Tessy but he didn’t see her so he checked the bathroom and she wasn’t there only to found out that she had left or something had happened to her because he was so tired and fast asleep. It was exactly 6:30am as he checked the time and the sun was rising and suddenly he woke up.

  • Written by Ivy Asako - Ita