5 Reasons Why You Can Be Denied Visa in Nigeria

By Ernest

01 November 2015

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A lot of Nigerians dare some foreign embassies in Lagos and Abuja when they want to travel. The ugly truth is that your dream of travelling out of Nigeria may be cut short at an embassy. The only time you will see different embassies in Nigeria silent like cemetery are weekends and public holidays. The rest of the days are like a market venue for these embassies because of the large turn-out of people in their premises. Unfortunately, after collecting so much money from these travel-seekers, only a few are allowed to travel while the rest are sent home with visa denial. What can be the reason of denying these people visa?

No Travel History

The lack of travel history always creates doubt to embassies when you present your passport to them. One of the criteria that most embassies look at for is the number of countries that you have visited. However, this does not mean that if you have a genuine reason and complete requirement, you will not be allowed to travel. If it is your first time, try and do your homework well before going for an interview.

False Documents

A lot of Nigerians are guilty of this. They may not be able to get some of the original documents that the embassy must have asked of them such as Certificate of Occupancy, bank statements and many others. Some travelers go as far as replicating original certificates that will get them into trouble and sometimes, they are banned for several years from travelling.

Poor Interview Skills

Sitting for a travel interview may be tricky, which is the reason a traveler must be well groomed and prepared before an interview. For some people, this is where their journey may end even when they have all their requirements met.

Insufficient Funds

Traveling outside Nigeria has never been cheap. You need a lot of money to make ends meet especially in countries with higher currencies. The embassies are going to be satisfied beyond reasonable doubts that you are comfortable before they can allow you leave Nigeria. Your bank statement is going to show that you are able to handle your finances well. There are so many things to do with money and you are not required to come to them with insufficient funds.

No Home Ties

If you are not home tied with things like family, kids, business, land properties and any others which should be bringing you home often, you may be denied a visa. It is important that you show the embassies something that will convince them that you can always come home.

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