Awhum waterfall, Enugu.

Awhum town in Udi Local Government Area

Awhum waterfall Description

About Awhum waterfall

Awhum waterfall is notable as a pilgrim and tourist destination.

Famed to have curative powers and to be able to dispel satanic forces, this is a popular pilgrim site. So, whether for adventure or religion, come and enjoy the scenic beauty of the Awhum fall.

Security/Safety of Awhum waterfall

This is a very safe location.

What To Bring

  • Walking shoes.
  • Mosquito repellant.
  • Climbing gear

Things to do while at Awhum waterfall

  • Say a prayer.
  • Enjoy the ambience.

Best Features

It has a relaxing ambience suitable for meditation or prayers.

Most common visitors

Pilgrims, Adventurers are the type of people to find here.

  • Awhum waterfall is an exciting place to be- Tunde, a pilgrim.


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Awhum town in Udi Local Government Area

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