Gombe State University, Gombe.

Shamaki Ward, Tudun Wada, Gombe

Gombe State University Description


Gombe State University is a state-owned university in northeastern Nigeria. It is located in Shamaki Ward, Tudun Wada, Gombe. Gombe State University was founded in 2004 under the Mohammed Danjuma Goje administration. The university was established by the government to meet the academic needs of indigenes in the state and further improve the educational sector of the country.

Secondary school leavers and graduates troop in hundreds into this university yearly to enjoy the excellent standard of academic activities here. The lecture halls are up to standard and the laboratories are well-equipped with modern equipment.

The mission of the University is to make available an excellent opportunity for quality university education. Also, the school aims at providing a healthy environment where academic activities can thrive. To achieve this, the school continually trains its staff and upgrade learning facilities every year.

Gombe State University is very affordable as the tuition fees are relatively low. Also, the cost of accommodation in the school is not expensive. It is one of the top universities in northeastern Nigeria.



Gombe State University offers undergraduate and post-graduate programmes in over 30 departments across 3 faculties. Also, the state university runs a post-graduate school that offers Post Graduate Diploma, PhD and Master Degree programmes in the Faculties of Science, Art And Social Sciences, and Education.
Currently, the undergraduate courses offered by this university include:
Faculty of Art And Social Sciences
- Accounting
- Business Administration
- English
- History
- Political Science
- Religious Studies
- Sociology

Faculty of Sciences

- Biological Sciences
- Biochemistry
- Botany
- Computer Science
- Geography
- Geology
- Mathematical Science
- Microbiology
- Laboratory Technology

Faculty of Education

- Arts And Sciences Education
- Education Foundation
- Science Education
Faculty of Law

- Sharia
- Public
Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences

- Pharmacognosy And Drug Development
- Pharmacology And Therapeutics
- Pharmaceutics And Pharmaceutical Technology
In addition to these courses, the university's College Of Health Sciences runs undergraduate programmes in Basic Medical Sciences, Basic Clinical Sciences and Clinical Sciences.


- Qualified lectures
- Conductive Learning Environment
- Standard Lecture Halls
- Well-equipped Laboratories


Gombe State University is open to secondary school leavers, undergraduates, graduates and professionals who desire to equip themselves with quality education and skills for the future.



If you want to experience the magnificence of this learning centre, you should visit when academic activities are on-going. Especially at the start of the academic year.


Gombe State University is very safe. There are security personnel at the school who guard the school 24/7 to prevent violence or life-threatening activities.










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Shamaki Ward, Tudun Wada, Gombe

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