Fountain University
Fountain University
Fountain University
How to get to Fountain University


By car and motorbike


Things to do at Fountain University


Attend public lectures, Learn, Meet friends, Read, Sightseeing, Work,

History of Fountain University

This was established in 2008.

Built by Nasrul-lahi-li fathi (NASFAT) Society of Nigeria in 2008.

This is a privately owned Islamic faith-based university. Presently, the university has two colleges: College of Natural and Applied Sciences and College of Management and Social Sciences.


This is a very safe location.

What To Bring

Before heading to Fountain University, here are some helpful things to take along with you:

  • Academic documents

  • cash

Best Features

I love this place because the university aims to provide competition and resourceful graduates with high moral standard.

Writer's Review

I would recommend you go here if you are looking for a school that provides opportunity to all people irrespective of race, tribe, religion or political inclinations. These would be achieved through effective programmes and service based on provision of adequate facilities as well as professionally qualified and competent staff.

Most common visitors

Students and Lecturers.

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