Adamawa State University
Adamawa State University
Adamawa State University
How to get to Adamawa State University


By car,motorcycle,tricycle,bus


Things to do at Adamawa State University


Attend public lectures, Learn, Meet friends, Read, Sightseeing, Work,

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About Adamawa State University
The Adamawa State  University,Mubi is the first State owned University in the North Eastern Nigeria,established in January 2002 by the Adamawa state University Law No. 10 of 2001.It is located in Mubi town which is at the foot of the Mandara Mountains separating Nigeria from Cameroun and since its inception has been training individuals to becoming productive to their society

Adamawa state University is a relatively safe place to visit

Things to Do
While at the University,here are a couple of things to do;
1. Engage in academic and extra curricular activities at the University
2. Enroll in a full time or a part time course
3. Make use of its library
4. Make and meet friends

What to Bring
Before heading to the University, it is advisable you go along with the necessary documents needed,also go along with a proper means of identification.You should also go along with educational and writing materials

Best Features

Adamawa State University has 3 faculties,A post graduate school and a higher degree school.Located at the foot of the Mandara mountains,the school has a very beautiful scenery

Best Time to Visit
Best Time to visit the University is during an academic session when the students are still in session and school activities ongoing

Most Common Visitors
Common Visitors at the School includes students,lecturers and educationists

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