The Place, Victoria Island
The Place, Victoria Island
The Place, Victoria Island
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About The Place Restaurant,Victoria Island

The Place is an exclusive high brow restaurant and club in Victoria Island. Its restaurant is popularly known for its array of dishes including Asun, Grilled Chicken, and Rice dishes. The bar/lounge transforms to a major night club on Fridays and Saturdays with great music from top-rated DJs and live performances by “A” list artistes/musicians. It also offers an irresistible package for private party hosts and planners.Another interesting aspect of The Place restaurant is that it also offers fast food delivery down to to your doorsteps,offices or corporate events.Bookings at the restaurant can be done at the restaurant's website


The Place Restaurant is a very safe place

Things to Do/What to bring

There are actually a lot of fun attractions at The Place Restaurant,Victoria Island ranging from the nice,savoury meals served at the restaurants to the well mannered and polite waiters,also the lively and cool environment is just the

Before heading to The Place, Victoria Island, here are some helpful things to take along with you:
Cash or Debit/Credit Card.
Camera to capture The Place experience

Best Time to Visit The Place Restaurant
The best time to visit the restaurant is from the early hours of the morning 7am precisely to midnight all week long

Most Common Visitors at the  Restaurant
Most Common Visitors at the restaurant are all lovers of cool,hangout places,singles,youths as well as families.Basically   The Place Restaurant is for everyone

Writer's Review

At the Place there is something for everyone. For the busy executive the games room and its bar/lounge are open every day from 5pm, offering a chance for workers relax, unwind and avoid Lagos traffic. With the grills and and other meat delicacies, asun lover would call this place home. You could also meet friends for drinks, or club all night. Whatever you want, The Place is really the place.

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