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Top Historical Cities in Nigeria

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Coming to Nigeria may not be complete without visiting some historic spots in the country. These places would give you a glimpse to what really happened to shape the Nigeria that we are seeing. You would find forts and monuments that are scattered around these places. The good news is that these places have become sort of tourist haven to Nigerians and also foreigners.


carnival-calabar-nigeria-1024x576Even before Calabar was crown by Nigerians as the home of tourism, it has been on the list of important cities in the country. Calabar has served as a major sea port in the country during the 16th century. You would see a lot of landmark structures that were built some decades ago and they are always the spots where tourists come to see. The country’s first Presbyterian Church that was built in 1846 is here including the monorail.


The ancient Benin Kingdom has always been a point of reference to a lot of things that happened during the colonial era. The people of Benin have been involved in the making of the rich cultural heritage of the country. You see a lot of monuments around the city that proudly tell us more about the ancient and then the modern Nigeria.


It was in 1830 that Ibadan was founded as a military bastion. In 1893, the British came here and made the city to be famous. There are a lot of old structures that would remind you of how the past was in Nigeria. Today, Ibadan has become a city that does not make too much noise with its tourist attractions.


We cannot talk about Nigeria’s history without mentioning Lagos. Lagos has been a town even when Nigeria was struggling to come out of the shackles of primitive stage. It was in 186 that Lagos was made part of the British colony. It was once the capital of Nigeria before it was shifted to Abuja. You would love what civilization has done to the city today. Of course, it has become a mega city that commands respect around the world.


Kano is one of those places you would visit and see the past staring at you. The architectural splendor of the city, the numerous tourist sites and the lifestyle of the people is great. You would surely want to spend more time in this lovely city that has a lot of stories to tell about Nigeria and its past.

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