Eko Atlantic Economic City, Lagos.

Off Ahmadu Bello Way, Bar Beach, Victoria Island

Eko Atlantic Economic City Description

History of Eko Atlantic Economic City

Eko Atlantic Economic City was built (Building in progress) in the location of Lagos Bar Beach to stop the erosion of the Lagos coastline. . The construction of this city is hemmed on the ambitious vision to build a city that helps to reduce the shortage of real estate in the country's most economic state. It aims to be the next generation and pace-setter of property in Africa.

Rising off the coast of Lagos, on land reclaimed from the Atlantic Ocean, stands Eko Atlantic: a 21st-century city providing vital real estate for people to live and work in what will become the new financial capital of Nigeria and perhaps West Africa.

Security/Safety of Eko Atlantic Economic City

This is a very safe location.


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Off Ahmadu Bello Way, Bar Beach, Victoria Island

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