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Lagos Island (Isale Eko), nicknamed Lasgidi, is the primary Local Government Area in Lagos State, Nigeria. It is home to the Eko people, the founding community of the present Lagos city. According to an ancient myth, the Eko community was founded by the sons of Olofin Ogunfunminire, a messenger of Oduduwa. The Eko Awori, Edo, and Saros people are the main inhabitants of this village. Also, the Eko community was the settlement of slave trade returnees from Brazil.

The people of Eko were mostly fishermen and hunters. During the 2006 census, the Lagos Island population was estimated to be about 209,437. In 2022, the estimated population in Lagos is about 300,000.

Lagos Island served as the capital city of Nigeria from 1861 - 1991 and the Lagos State headquarters from 1967 – 1975 during which the island gained influence as the industrial hub of the country. Currently, Lagos Island is the cultural centre and the main business district of Lagos state. Hundreds of tourists, investors and visitors troop into this city to explore its beauty and riches.


A great number of interesting features come together to make this region one of the most preferred parts of Lagos city. This high-class city is the main industrial district of Lagos State. It is also the home of the Oba of Lagos, the ruling monarch of Lagos city. Lagos Island is not just about commerce, it is the place to be if you want to have fun and just unwind after a handful of activities. From top-rated night clubs to classy restaurants, the Island has any fun-seeker covered. Also, visiting this island gives you a sense of what the perfect city life should be like.

It is the point where business-minded and fun-loving people intersect. The balance the city strikes is amazing.


Lagos Island is open to people of all tribes, races and colours.



Although the city is always bustling all year long, there are certain periods when the glow of the city comes with a little extra. Christmas, New Year Eve, and New Year day are some of those times when the city is most lovely.



This is a very safe location.

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Lagos Island

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