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Centenary Hall
Centenary Hall

Centenary Hall

Town Hall



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History of Centenary Hall Centenary Hall was built in 1930. It is notable as the symbol of the Egba people's settlement in Abeokuta. Built by department of works. The centenary hall was built as a testament to the resilience and prosperity of the Egba people. It marks 100 years of settlement of the Egba people in Abeokuta. Security/Safety of Centenary Hall This is a very safe location. What To Bring Before heading to Centenary Hall, here are some helpful things to take along with you: A digital camera with solid batteries. Things to do while at Centenary Hall Before heading to Centenary Hall, here are some things you can plan to do: Appreciate the superior architecture. Take pictures of the building. Document about it. Best Features It celebrates the rich Egba history. Writer's Review To learn and document the Egba history. Most common visitors Curators, Historians, Tourists. Centenary Hall, a place where history meets the present- Ebere, newsspeak writer.