Bayelsa Ferry Terminal and Resorts, Bayelsa.


Bayelsa Ferry Terminal and Resorts Description


This is an ambitious multi-million naira project which has a localized ferry terminal for the ferrying of passengers and goods cross the Niger Delta Region. It is designed as a one-stop water transportation hub which will serve as a wheel for commerce and tourism. Bayelsa Ferry Terminal and Resorts, Yenagoa is an accommodation in Nigeria. Bayelsa Ferry Terminal and Resorts, Yenagoa is situated southwest of Amarata. It will be made up of world class facilities such as a ferry terminal to be made up of jetties, slipway, arrival and departure halls and so more, a shopping mall with over 5,000 shops and halls, hotel and resort, and support facilities such as fire station, petroleum product dispensing, and medical health centre. The facility will cover a land mass of 1,273,190 ft² in all the six locations within Bayelsa state of Nigeria namely; Yenagoa, Nembe,Kiama, Amasomia, Brass and Ogbia. The Bayelsa Ferry Terminal & Resorts is designed as a one-stop- water transportation hub to drive the wheel of commerce and tourism in the West African Region. It is expected to attract over a million tourists yearly, create over 8,0o0 jobs at completion and ferry over 3,000 ridership & 20,000 tonnes of goods daily.


Our mission is to use our experience and assets to administer, maintain and develop a water transportation to unlock the economic potentials that abound to promote commerce and tourism for the benefit of all our stakeholders and investors,present and future.


On completion of this project, it will greatly open up the Niger-Delta area to commerce and tourism. Here one will be able to enjoy water sports, sight-seeing, camping, ferrying and so many more services.


The best time to visit there is from Monday to Friday (8am - 4pm) and also weekends


The most common visitors are Fishermen, lumberers, ferry travelers


There is no treat of safety in the palace




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