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Samuel Ogbemudia Stadium

History of Samuel Ogbemudia Stadium Samuel Ogbemudia Stadium was established. Originally known as Ogbe Stadium, this is a multi-use stadium mostly used for football matches. It is the home stadium of Bendel Insurance FC. Security/Safety of Samuel Ogbemudia Stadium This is a very safe location. Best Features Named after the two-time Governor of the old Bendel State, Dr. Samuel Ogbemudia, it has a seating capacity of 20,000 spectators with a good parking space. The pitch is an artificial FIFA approved turf with synthetic grasses and race courses. Writer's Review The stadium is usually filled by locals during matches and has hosted some league matches with the stands filled to capacity. Although there are no food vendors allowed in the stadium, fans can enjoy the local delicacies and beverages sold outside and around the stadium. The stadium is also used for political events such as rallies.

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Benin Golf Club

History of Benin Golf Club Benin Golf Club. Referred to as the “Home of Golf” in Nigeria, this is a prestigious and widely known golf club prominent for its history, tournaments hosted, world-wide members, as well as its hospitality. Security/Safety of Benin Golf Club This is a very safe location. What To Bring Before heading to Benin Golf Club, here are some helpful things to take along with you: A hat and shades for the sunny day. Camera to capture the adventures of the day and lovely sights. Cash or Credit/Debit Card. Writer's Review The golf course, though less than an 18-hole layout, is unique in Nigeria. Its gently undulating fairways give it a genuine links-like characteristic and often what seems to have been a great tee shot will be met by a hanging lie of one form or the other. It is also a nightmare for players addicted with a slice since the right hand side is bordered by out-of-bounds on almost every hole!. The club-house is a lively place to unwind after a hard day on the course. Continually attracting new members because of its exclusivity and environment, the club extends a warm reception to intending members and visitors alike.

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