Kaduna Polo Club
Kaduna Polo Club
Kaduna Polo Club
How to get to Kaduna Polo Club


By car and motorbike


Sport arena
Things to do at Kaduna Polo Club


Drink, Eat, Exercise, Meet friends, Play, Polo club, Relaxation,

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About Kaduna Polo Club
The game of Polo is one which isn't very popular in Nigeria and is slowly fading out and to this cause comes the Kaduna Polo Club the foremost Polo club in Nigeria,it aims at keeping and enforcing the life in this game in the nation.It is the home to 6 polo teams and is a very interesting place to visit,the Kaduna polo club also offers other services like horses on hire for the tourists and horse lovers and veterinary services as well

Kaduna Polo Club is a safe place to visit

Things to do
At the Kaduna Polo Club,visitors could do the following things;
1. Attend a polo tournament
2.Hire and ride a horse on your own
3. Buy any equestrian item
4. Take your pet to the veterinary hospital at the club
5. Have Fun

What to Bring
While heading to the Club,you could go along with a riding companion,protective gear for horse back riding,a camera to take cool pictures and spare cash

Best Features
The Polo club is home to 6 polo clubs and participates actively in the national polo tournament that holds a week in November annually.It also hires out horses to individuals

Best Time to visit
Best time to visit wold be around November annually when the national polo tournament holds,you could also visit during the days to ride solo

Most Common visitors
Common visitors are polo riders,animal lovers,families on vacation,tourists and fun lovers.

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