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Things to do at Smoking Hills Golf Resort


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About Smoking Hills Golf Resort

Want to be the next Tiger Woods? Then Smoking Hills Resort is just the destination for you to harness your potential. The golf course covers an area of 140 acres and has been carefully carved out of surrounding jungle and and rolling hills which emit smoke early in the morning and also at dawn. Smoking Hills Golf Resort is a standard 18 holes layout that is set up in pristine African forest and extends into the cascading hills around Ilara Mokin. The course has been built to PGA standard and it is believed that the course has the potential to host a European PGA event due to its breathtaking facilities and adherence to international quality.


This is a very safe location.

Things to Do

Some of the things to do at the golf course include playing a round of golf with friends, take in nature.

What to Bring

Before heading to Smoking Hills Golf Resort, here are some helpful things to take along with you; golf caddie, golf clubs, golf bag, gloves, water bottle.

Best Features

The state of the art facilities the course has, the ambience of the resort.

Best Time to Visit Smoking Hills Golf Resort

The best time to visit the course is when there is a tournament at the course.

Most Common Visitors

Golf lovers, upcoming golfers, sport lovers, fun lovers, nature lovers, spectators are the most common visitors you will find at the course.

Why You Should Visit

Enjoy a game of golf, cheer on your friends who are participating in tournaments, relax.

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