Birikisu Sungbo Shrine, Ogun.

Oke Eri near Ijebu Ode, Ogun state

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About Birikisu Sungbo Shrine

In the bible, she is known as the Queen of Sheba. In Nigeria - and specifically in Ogun state- she is called Birikisu Sungbo, and there is a shrine dedicated to her. The same woman is the Queen Baliqs of Ethiopia in the Quran. It is believed that she will answer all your heart's desires if you ask nicely. The people of Ijebu Ode believe that she is a wealthy and industrious woman who trained other women to be industrious as well. She led a group of women potters in her day. Legend has it that she was a childless widow. She built a monument that was bigger than pyramids in 1000 A.D.

The Shrine is the burial place for Birikisu Sungbo and the people worship her there. Tourists visit the shrine to learn about the mysteries surrounding the shrine.  It is believed that she possessed supernatural powers that enabled her to dig ditches around Ijebu Ode. Women are however not allowed to go close to her burial site.

The UNESCO World Heritage Site added this shrine to the cultural category in 1995. 



It is safe to visit the shrine with tour guides and trusted locals.





Oke Eri near Ijebu Ode, Ogun state

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