Diva Cakes
Diva Cakes
Diva Cakes
How to get to Diva Cakes


By car and motorbike


Things to do at Diva Cakes


Buy/Sell, Sightseeing, Work,

History of Diva Cakes

This was establishedCake and Confectionery store.

For quality, attention to details, designs and technique, visit Diva Cakes for the ultimate cake experience for you. All the cakes are made using high quality fresh ingredients. Your personal preferences and desires are taken into account when creating the perfect cake to complement your special occasion! Diva consider the cake size, number of tiers, colour scheme, flavour, your budget, and of course, the overall appearance of your cake when on display. So, whether you are celebrating a wedding, birthday, anniversary, Christmas, Eid-el-Fitri, or any special occasion, you can always be sure of getting the perfect cake.

Local Foods to eat at Diva Cakes

Food to try at the include;

  • there is a variety of mini cakes on display for purchase at the store

  • Cake


This is a very safe location.

  • Avoid tripping into finished work

What To Bring

Before heading to Diva Cakes, here are some helpful things to take along with you:

  • Credit cards

  • Cash

  • Cake picture samples

Things to do while at Diva Cakes

These are the following things you can do while you're here:

  • Order cakes

  • View cake catalouge

Best Features

Diva Cakes has some of the most beautiful cake collection in Lagos. You can walk in and buy cake for any type of event and celebration. The customer service is top notch and satisfactory.

Writer's Review

Diva cakes is one of the most efficient cake stores in Lagos. People should visit if the need value for money

Most common visitors

Wedding planners, Part planners, Cake lovers

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