Delta Careers College
Delta Careers College
How to get to Delta Careers College


Largely by car, The usage of commercial tricycles as well as commercial bikes is encouraged for easy movement as well.


Things to do at Delta Careers College


Learn, Meet friends, Read,

History of Delta Careers College

This was established in 1979.

Built by Delta careers group in 1979.

Delta Careers College provides the child with a comprehensive and well-balanced curriculum, which embraces academic and co-curricular activities. This is because the College takes cognizance of the fact that an educated man should be sociable. He should at least be able to mix up well with people of different backgrounds and race. The school, therefore, offers a wide range of opportunities for students to participate in recreational activities as part of their all round-development. If you desire a school that pursue a total child development, Delta Careers is an outstanding choice.


This is a very safe location.

  • unnecessary wandering is highly frowned at in and around this place. However, visitors must be absolutely sure of where they are going to avoid the prospect of loitering

What To Bring

Before heading to Delta Careers College, here are some helpful things to take along with you:

  • Study materials

  • A means of identification

Best Features

The school has a large pool of qualified teachers. The non-teaching staff members also exercise a high level of professionalism in the daily discharge of their duties

Writer's Review

The school is a modern, spacious, and attractive environment where the highest quality of primary, secondary and tertiary education is offered to pupils and students through the use of state-of–the-art facilities and equipment and with ‘excellence’ as the guiding principle.

Most common visitors

Students, teachers and parents

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