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Things to do at Greensprings School, Anthony Campus


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About Greensprings School, Anthony Campus

Greensprings School is an independent, non-partisan, day and boarding school for boys and girls from 18months to 18years. Students are encouraged to be lifelong learners by instilling in them great confidence, respect and a consciousness of the needs of society. Greensprings School began in 1985 in the heart of Anthony Village, Lagos and now there is another branch established on the Lekki Peninsula in Lagos. The school has made sure the curriculum and calendar are easily accessed by parents by uploading copies on the website.


There is no threat to safety here as the school provides maximum protection fot its students.

Things to Do

Things to do while at the school include, enrolling your ward for a new session, visiting your ward when the school is in session, go for open house organised by the school, attend the annual graduation ceremonies, cheer your kids during  the inter-house sport.

What to Bring

Before heading to Greensprings School, here is a list of helpful things to take along with you; relevant documents in case you want to enroll your ward for a new session, camera to take picture of ward during the graduation ceremony, groceries to encourage your kids with during inter-house sport competition.

Best Features

The Greensprings Community places great value on character and moral education as well on academics achievements.

Best Time to Visit Greensprings School, Anthony Campus

The best time to visit the school is during visiting hours when the school is in session. Also, during competitions like debates, spelling bees, inter-house sports and graduation ceremonies.

Most Common Visitors

The most common visitors are parents and educationists.

Why You Should Visit

To see the performance of your ward in school and make sure he/she does not relent. 

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