Faith Academy, Asaba
Faith Academy, Asaba
How to get to Faith Academy, Asaba


By car mostly, the use of commercial tricycles is also encouraged along this route.


Things to do at Faith Academy, Asaba


Learn, Meet friends, Read,

History of Faith Academy, Asaba

This was established in 1999.

Built by Winners Chapel international in 1999.

Academic excellence, spiritual prowess and creativity is the motto of the school. This great citadel of learning established in 2010 has grown from strength to strength. Faith Academy Asaba is one of the Faith Academy group of schools established by Living Faith Church (Winners Chapel)


This is a very safe location.

  • unnecessary wandering is highly frowned at in and around this place. However, visitors must be absolutely sure of where they are going to avoid the prospect of loitering

What To Bring

Before heading to Faith Academy, Asaba, here are some helpful things to take along with you:

  • Writing materials, textbooks.

Writer's Review

The cool serene environment provided for the students to learn, coupled with the top quality standard of education.

Most common visitors

Students, parents, teachers

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