Rainbow College
Rainbow College
Rainbow College
How to get to Rainbow College


By car and motorbike


Things to do at Rainbow College


Attend public lectures, Learn, Meet friends, Read, Sightseeing,

History of Rainbow College

This was established in 1996.

Built in 1996.

One of the best in Nigeria and known for its all-round excellence, Rainbow College is a co-educational Day and Boarding secondary school.


This is a very safe location.

What To Bring

Before heading to Rainbow College, here are some helpful things to take along with you:

  • Educational materials if you are a new or returning student

  • Housing necessities if you are a new or returning student

  • An ID Card to identify yourself if you are a visitor

Best Features

It has state-of-the-art facilities and equipment to make teaching and learning transactions most effective and efficient. Their multi-curriculum teaching platform, which comes with a deliberate blend of Nigerian, and British curricula, puts students on a pedestal for international education opportunities. This location houses only the Boarding school. The Day School is located in Surulere.

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