Royal Arts Academy
Royal Arts Academy
Royal Arts Academy
How to get to Royal Arts Academy


By car,motorcycle,tricycle,bus


Things to do at Royal Arts Academy


Attend public lectures, Learn, Read,

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About Royal Arts Academy

The Entertainment Industry is an ever growing sector of the nation and following the constant rise and interest in it the Royal Arts Academy was established in June 2010 to train,prepare and educate individuals interested in the arts of Film making,script writing,directing and theatre plays.Since its inception,it has trianed individuals with highly trained professionals in the art its known for,creating a high standard in the entertainment industry

There is no threat to security at the Academy

Things to Do
At the Academy,you can enroll for a course in your preferred part of the entertainment industry,attend lectures,meet friends,have fun whilst learning

What To Bring
Before heading to the Academy,you should go along with the required credentials needed for enrollment

Best Features
The Royal Arts Academy provides practical and real life training in the arts of Acting,Screen Play,Directing and script writing,since its inception it has graduated more than 200 students one of which is Lota Chukwu,a Known Actress in the Nigerian Entertainment Industry

Most Common Visitors
Most Common Visitors at the Academy are its students,arts enthsiasts,Entertainment professionals,actoors and actresses

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