Corona Secondary School, Agbara
Corona Secondary School, Agbara
Corona Secondary School, Agbara
How to get to Corona Secondary School, Agbara


By car and motorbike


Things to do at Corona Secondary School, Agbara


Attend public lectures, Learn, Meet friends, Read, Sightseeing,

History of Corona Secondary School, Agbara

This was established in 1992.

Built by Corona Schools Trust Council in 1992.

This is a residential, co-educational school with a unique curriculum that differentiates the graduates of the school from other schools and allows them access to the best colleges and Universities anywhere in the world.


This is a very safe location.

What To Bring

Before heading to Corona Secondary School, Agbara, here are some helpful things to take along with you:

  • Educational materials if you are a new or returning student

  • Housing necessities if you are a new or returning student

  • An ID Card to identify yourself if you are a visitor

Best Features

Located on a scenic 2.3 hectare campus, it provides students with a peaceful and natural environment where they can study and thrive free from the stress of city life. This environment provides ample space for sports; students have access to football, volleyball, basketball, tennis, athletics and badminton as well as more unusual sports such as Taekwondo. The residential nature of the school also means that there is plenty of time for art, music and drama to thrive and for students to be exposed to a range of clubs, societies and activities.

Writer's Review

With facilities such as spacious classrooms equipped with computers, interactive white board, and television sets, a high profile school library fully stocked with books covering virtually all subjects, a well-equipped science room with built in electronic smart board for effective teaching, and resources for teaching modern language, no wonder this is ranked one of the best secondary schools in West Africa.

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