Kaduna River, Kaduna.

Central Nigeria

Kaduna River Description

About Kaduna River

Kaduna River is notable as a source of fishing and transport for the local community.

Kaduna River is a major tributary located in central Nigeria and is the major source of fishing and also transportation of local produce.

Security/Safety of Kaduna River

This is a very safe location.

What To Bring

  • A good camera phone or camera.
  • Fishing gear.

Things to do while at Kaduna River

  • Go fishing.
  • Enjoy the ambience.
  • Enjoy a boat ride.

Best Features

It is a major source of livelihood for nearby communities as they depend on the river for fishing and transport.

Most common visitors

Photographers, Tourists, and Adventurers can be found here.

  • I had an awesome time fishing with you- Dave Stinson


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Central Nigeria

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