Azumini Blue River, Abia.

The boundary between Abia State and Akwa Ibom.

Azumini Blue River Description

About Azumini Blue River

The Azumini Blue River is an exotic river in Nigeria that is surrounded by beauty and pleasantness. There is no river as clear as the Azumini river in Nigeria.  Aptly named 'The Blue River', the Azumini Blue river has a name that is as exotic as it is thrilling. Found on the boundary between Abia state and Akwa Ibom, this river would have you staring deep into the soul of mother nature....and have her wink back. The crystal clear nature of the river and the cosy environment is welcoming to tourists.

The river is surrounded by a hill that gives it a breathtaking aura. Its clear nature affords you the opportunity to see a variety of fishes and water bodies in their beautiful nature. 


It is safe to visit the Blue River.

Things To Do At The Blue River

Here are a few things you can do at Azumini Blue River:

 • Canoe Riding

 • Beach Party






Explore nature




The boundary between Abia State and Akwa Ibom.

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