Bungalow Restaurant
Bungalow Restaurant
Bungalow Restaurant
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Things to do at Bungalow Restaurant


Drink, Eat, Meet friends, Relaxation,

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About Bungalow Restaurant,Victoria Island

Bungalow Restaurant has re-invented delicious food within a warm and modern restaurant, whose central concern is providing the highest quality food. The restaurant is a modern interpretation of this style of food and method of cooking, based on Western, Eastern and African cultures, where food brings people together.It is located at 1296 Akin Adesola Street, Victoria Island, Lagos.


This is a very safe location to enjoy your meals and have fun

Best Features

It offers mainly international dishes. If you love sushi or Mexicn food, you'll love Bungalow's.Bungalow restaurant views its customers as visitors in their home and hence treats and serves the meals with so much care as you would get if you were eating in your own home,the excellent customer service is also a plus for the restaurant.

Most Common Visitors at Bungalow's restaurant

Common visitors at Bungalow Restaurant are trendy youths,individuals who love enjoying meals with a feeling of home,the singles as well as couples with or without their families,Bungalow restaurant caters to everyone

What to Bring/Things to do

It is recommended you try the variety of meals available at Bungalow's restaurant such as the Pasta Cheese,Bocca crab,beef fillet,beef suya or the beef lite.You could also go along with your debit card,also a cool camera to capture the memories

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