The Orchid Bistro
The Orchid Bistro
The Orchid Bistro
How to get to The Orchid Bistro


By car,motorcycle,tricycle,bus


Things to do at The Orchid Bistro


Drink, Eat, Meet friends, Relaxation,

The Orchid Bistro is the place to be for people who appreciate quality, style and the value for money all in a warm and welcoming atmosphere.


This is a very safe location.

Best Features

This is a fine dining restaurant themed around its magnificent orchid garden that has a warm and friendly set up in a serene surrounding. With a simple yet classy interior, this quaint restaurant pride themselves on the highest quality in all respects and this includes their staff.

Writer's Review

In a nutshell, The Orchid Bistro is a funky Bistro serving truly exceptional food at prices that are affordable.

  • Incredible place. Really marvelous-Funke Alebiosu

  • Good ambiance, peaceful environment, courteous staff, tasty food, very good customer service, I had a brilliant time. Would recommend The Orchid Bistro to anybody looking for something away from the usual eat out-Mrs Modupe

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