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Bole King!

Omokwu road, Off Olusegun Obasanjo way, Dline
Bole King! was established in , Built by in .
One of the things that makes Port Harcourt a major attraction in Nigeria is its famed Boli. And no where boasts of great and delicious Boli as Bole King!

What To Bring

["Cash (to avoid difficulty in payments if their POS is unavailable)","Your squad and pals!"]

Reason For Loving Place

Boli is roasted plantain, a local street food that is enjoyed in every part of Nigeria. Unlike Suya that Vegans will have a problem enjoying, Boli is a delicious and filling street snack that can be eaten by all. Here in Port Harcourt, Boli has been upgraded from the a regular street snack to the quintessential dish, prepared and served with other dishes that blend to create the ultimate food combo.

Ways Of Travel

By car and motorbike

Reason To Recommend Place

Serving and dishing well prepared Boli that are as tasty as they look, Bole King! is a major street spot that you must pop in and sample if you find yourself in Port Harcourt.

Nice Things About Place

Bole King!, as their name suggests, have studied and mastered the art of Boli-making from the gods and now present it to us like the famed Prometheus at their cute hangout along the Omokwu Road. You can order yours with the variety of side dishes they have in store. They also do home deliveries in Port Harcourt so you can just call their number and order to whichever hotel you are lodged in.

Quote About Place

["After much buzz, I finally visited Bole King and wow, they are indeed the kings of Boli-Tunde Humorous","I could manage my Boli obsession and go to their eatery once a week. Then they started their delivery service and now I can't control myself. So good-Amara Ezeh"]

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