The Rodinia Restaurant, Asaba Mall, Government House Road.

Okpanam Rd, Central Area, Asaba

The Rodinia Restaurant, Asaba Mall Description

The Rodinia Restaurant and bar is a modern quick service restaurant in Asaba, Delta. It is strategically placed in an easily accessible location within the Asaba Mall. The Rodinia restaurant and bar is available to meet all needs of its patrons regardless of their busy schedules.

Food options include breakfast options and can be eaten on the premises or taken out.
A quick morning breakfast before heading down to the office, a well-packaged lunch for your: children, friends or colleagues, or a weekend special treat, all well fitted to deliver on your cravings.

The Rodinia restaurant and bar makes it a duty to create a welcoming, friendly and beautiful environment, so you can experience something transcending as you indulge in your meals.

Opening times are between 9:00 AM to 8:00 PM on Mondays to Sundays.

Best Time To Visit Rodinia Restaurant

The Restaurant is open all days of the week.
It is also a quick serve restaurant, which means wait times are minimal. Visitors will get fresh quality meals in a matter of minutes.
However, weekends and holidays are peak periods so expect to meet other people having a great time on such days.

Things To Do At Rodinia Restaurant

  • Satisfy your cravings for a superb & tasty meal
  • Meet up with friends in a fun relaxed environment
  • Spend an afternoon/evening with your loved family.
  • Take someone special out for a memorable experience
  • Mark special days like birthdays or anniversaries



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Okpanam Rd, Central Area, Asaba

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