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By car,motorcycle,tricycle,bus


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Drink, Eat, Explore art, Relaxation, Use wifi,

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About ArtCafe

Located a few walking distance from the popular Adeola Odeku street, Art Cafe satisfy your morning cravings for strong coffee before work and drinks after work. It is a very cool,very  intricate art decorated cafe located at the heart of Victoria Island at 282 Akin Olugbade St, Victoria Island, Lagos.It includes a wide variety of breakfast options as well as an assorted wine and coffee options. The prices are a bit on the high side but the meals are definitely worth it.It ranks 7th of 230 restaurants in Lagos

Things to Do/What to do
At Artcafe you'd definitely want to enjoy a healthy breakfast and taste a cup of probably the best coffee you'd have in  a while .Artcafe also provides a menu of other sandwiches and snacks.It is suitable to work from and also for coffee and business meetings

Food to try at ArtCafe  include;
Their lovely homemade cakes
Beef Suya
You might want to go along with a debit card,a craving for great coffee and a healthy English Breakfast.Alos you might want to go alone and enjoy the cool ambiance of the Cafe or go along with a friend.The Cafe is well lighted and beautifully decorated so you would like to go along with a cool camera to capture the ArtCafe Experience

ArtCafe is a very safe place to visit so sit back,enjoy your meal alone with your thoughts or with a loved meal.

Best Features

Displaying a distinctive red-colored exterior in a gated compound, Art Cafe is a homely cafe serving marvelously brewed coffee and tea with accompanying finger bites to munch on.

Best Time to Visit the ArtCafe

You would like to visit the cafe best during mornings when you'd relax and have a healthy breakfast,also you would want to visit the ArtCafe restaurant any time of the day for a refreshing snack .

Most Common Visitors at ArtCafe

Common visitors are lovers of  coffee,expatriates in for a business meetings,Individuals or couples who love a cool hangout eating their favorite sandwiches

Writer's Review

Premium in their service delivery and offering both table service and outdoor seating options, the cafe also present Takeaway services and free WiFi, all to satisfy the needs of their welcomed customers.
My favorite place for having coffee and studying especially outside - Kareem Barber
Great ambiance and service with well trained staff. My favorite place for having coffee and a snack in Victoria Island - Alexander Gendis

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