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Steers Burger
Steers Burger
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Dance, Drink, Eat, Meet friends, Play, Relaxation,

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About Steers Burger

Steers Burger is a restaurant best known for its high quality flame grilled burgers and hand made chips.It is located at Shop 81/82 Ikeja city mall, Ikeja Lagos.


It is a safe place to be.

Things To Do

Hangout with friends, have a plate of grilled burgers or chips, relax, have a good time.

Best Features

Great flavours of ice cream,good varieties of burgers, serene environment, prices.

Best Time to Visit Steers Burger

Best time to visit would be early afternoons and late evenings.

Most Common Visitors

Most common visitors to the restaurants are families,couples,singles looking for a nice hangout.

Why You Should Visit

Steers Burger has the best servings of burgers,chips and flavours of ice cream to go along with it.

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