Bunna Café
Bunna Café
Bunna Café
How to get to Bunna Café


By car and motorbike


Things to do at Bunna Café


Drink, Eat, Meet friends, Relaxation,

Strategically located in the busiest mall in Abuja, this café offers a much needed refuge from the buzzing excitement and rowdy activities of the mall.


This is a very safe location.

Best Features

Bunna Café is home to different blends of coffee with freshly prepared club sandwiches and paninis served by an amiable staff. It has a beautiful wooden interior and nice set-up. There is a liquor bar with counter tops on a side of the cafe area. The ambiance, delicious meals and the courteous staff sets the place up to create a great atmosphere.

Writer's Review

The ever ready and effective waiters ensure that service is prompt and cater to quench whichever drink craving you need, from the different types of coffee to the milk shakes and the bitterness of alcohol while you catch a game on the big screen TV

  • Very prompt and courteous staff. A relaxing place away from the buzz of the entertainment centre - Kera Ejue

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