Luigi's Italian Restaurant, Abuja.

Sheraton Abuja Hotel, Ladi Kwali Way, Maitama

Luigi's Italian Restaurant Description

History of Luigi's Italian Restaurant

Luigi's Italian Restaurant.

Popular for their Pizza and Pasta, this is one italian restaurant you will enjoy sampling if you are in Abuja.

Local Foods to eat at Luigi's Italian Restaurant

Food to try at the Luigi's Italian Restaurant include;

  • Pizza Naija
  • Creamy rice with forest mushrooms
  • Security/Safety of Luigi's Italian Restaurant

    This is a very safe location.

    Things to do while at Luigi's Italian Restaurant

    Before heading to Luigi's Italian Restaurant, here are some helpful things to take along with you:

  • Have a group dinner
  • Come in for that quick lunch with collegues and acquaintances
  • Best Features

    Unwind from the day's stress with soft music and cool evening breeze while you enjoy the best of Italian culinary skills by authentic chefs in an environment that is designed to give you that feel-good aura.

  • I kept staring at those art pictures all through my meal. A nice touch - A satisfied customer
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    Sheraton Abuja Hotel, Ladi Kwali Way, Maitama

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