Winnys Meals
Winnys Meals
Winnys Meals
How to get to Winnys Meals


By car and motorbike


Things to do at Winnys Meals


Drink, Eat, Meet friends, Relaxation,

One of the frontline fast food restaurants in Asokoro, this is a popular eatery that offers the best of a diverse menu of local and continental meals.


This is a very safe location.

What To Bring

Before heading to Winnys Meals, here are some helpful things to take along with you:

  • Cash or Debit/Credit card

Best Features

The location, structure and facilities are topnotch and well thought out. The environment and ambiance is great and welcoming. Their meals are tasty and well-prepared. Their staff are also helpful and attentive to customers' needs.

Writer's Review

Good place to grab some Nigerian cuisine and takeaways. You can also sit in if you want to. Food is fresh, affordable and service is prompt.

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