One 77 Lagos, Lagos.

Km 13 Lekki Epe Expressway

One 77 Lagos Description


One 77  restaurant is a cosy and expensive exhilarating restaurant located in Lekki, one of the most developed and lavish places in Lagos State, Nigeria. Established in 2012, the restaurant is one of the spectacular ones in Lagos. Its serenity and halcyon atmosphere make it a preferred site for any outing that involves lunch, breakfast, brunch or dinner.
At the One 77 restaurant, you get to enjoy tasty and rich delicacies made with the best recipes. Also, One 77 restaurant is a great location for a date in Lagos because of its cool and lively atmosphere. You can also relax and enjoy the soft beat of music playing in the background while enjoying the beautiful view the restaurant provides. Enjoy the view of the sunset with fellow diners here.
Looking for a great location for a private hangout, business date or romantic date? One 77 is a hot pick!


One 77 restaurant is famed for its great recipes and high-quality customer service. A variety of lovely delicacies are prepared by some of the best chefs in Lagos State. On the inside, the restaurant is quite paronamic and there are enough sits and spacing to afford customers some privacy while eating. Hence, you need not worry about sharing your seat with strangers when dining at this restaurant. However, if you do no want to consume your preferred meal on the restaurant premises, you can request a takeaway pack for a small fee. You are sure to enjoy the best culinary services at the lovely One 77 restaurant.
This exquisite restaurant features a sophisticated bar where you grab a few drinks while chit-chatting with friends or having a quiet time. Drinks of different sorts are sold at the bar which allows you to pick any type of drink that fits your budget and preference. The restaurant also features a lounge.


- Serene and Halcyon atmosphere for a romantic date
- Lively and Classy ambience
- Tasty food made with the great recipes
- Open-air seating
- Bar and Lounge
- Beautiful view that helps you relax and just have a great time


Fun lovers, families, groups, tourists, visitors, and everyone who seeks an amazing few hours to just relax and have fun are welcome at the restaurant.


Every time of the week is the best time to visit the One 77 restaurant. It is open from Tuesday - Sunday from 10 am to 10 pm every week.



One 77 is situated in a very safe location. To further secure the restaurant, security official are positioned at the entrance and exit of the restaurant building.



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Km 13 Lekki Epe Expressway

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