AfriOne Café, Plateau.

15, Ahmadu Bello Way, Jos

AfriOne Café Description

History of AfriOne Café

AfriOne Café was established. It is notable as a great meeting place for people new to the city.

Located on the popular Ahmadu Bello way, this café-diner offers intercontinental dishes with delicious delicacies that makes it a must-visit as long as you are in Jos.

Security/Safety of AfriOne Café

This is a very safe location.

Writer's Review

It has large windows that give you a clear view of the street in front of the venue, adequately making up for the absence of outdoor sitting.

  • "It’s the ideal place to have a quick bite in solitude, away from the hustle and bustle of daily living" - G. Immanuel
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    15, Ahmadu Bello Way, Jos

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