Omega Restaurant, Edo.

Omega Restaurant Description

About Omega Restaurant

Omega restaurant is one of the popular restaurants in Benin City. The restaurant serves a wide range of African delicacies. You could grab a quick breakfast, lunch or dinner. The restaurants is always filled during the weekends as many people just can't have enough of Omega restaurant.


This is a very safe location.

Things to Do

Sit back, relax and let the amazing staffs of Omega restaurant serve you with your favourite dish.

What to Bring

You should go with cash, the restaurant offers POS service so you can also go with your debit or credit cars. A group of friends to make the hangout more eventful.

Best Features

Quality food at eye catching prices and very welcoming staff to make you comfortable all through your time at the restaurant.

Most Common Visitors

The most common visitors at the restaurant are friends, class group, families, couples.

Why You Should Visit

To relax and have a good meal.



Meet friends



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