Sinoni Restaurant, Abuja.

ZETO COURT, Oshogbo Close, Area 11, Garki

Sinoni Restaurant Description

About Sinoni Restaurant

Sinoni Restaurant is notable as the spot that offers private dining rooms and outdoor catering services.

With meals prepared by professional Chinese chefs from Mainland China and private dining rooms, Sinoni Restaurant provides the best oriental meals to experience the best Chinese cuisine in Abuja.

Security/Safety of Sinoni Restaurant

This is a very safe location.

What To Bring

  • Cash
  • Debit/Credit Card

Things to do while at Sinoni Restaurant

  • Eat food
  • Order food
  • Drink from an extensive wine selection

Best Features

The food is deliciously prepared and their range of wine selection is extensive.

Writer's Review

The service is quite impeccable.

Most common visitors

Tourists, diners and wine lovers can be seen in dining here.





ZETO COURT, Oshogbo Close, Area 11, Garki

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