Spice Route, Lagos
Spice Route, Lagos
Spice Route, Lagos
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Spice Route, Lagos is a classy restaurant located at the famous Victoria Island in Lagos State of Nigeria. It was founded by Shammi Malik, to add a touch of the Himalayas culture to the Nigerian food industry. The Indian-themed restaurant is famed for its exquisite Indian and Chinese cuisine recipes. With its interior design and setting, this restaurant gives you the perfect Indian experience.

Clubbing is not left out! In the evening hours, Spice Route is almost magically converted to a nightclub. This adds to its many amazing features as it provides visitors with a chance to experience the healing powers of cool evening relaxation.

You get to enjoy delicious Indian traditional food such as Prawns Balchao, Aloo Rikki, Chicken Vindaloo and others.

Looking for a place to enjoy assorted delicious Indian and Chinese food? Look no further! Spice Route has got you covered.


Spice Routes provides mind-blowing meals to appease your taste buds.

Some of these meals include:

-Onion Bhajia

- Dawat-E-Shahjahan- Spinach Bhajia

- Chicken Vindaloo

- Murg Makhani

- Hyderabdi Murg Korma

- Prawns Balchao

- Hyderabdi Fish Curry

- Lamb Seekh Kebab Rol

- Aloo Tikki

Loads of entertainment and fun awaits the nightlife lovers at Spice Route.

Spice Fridays

Get excited for the excessive fun activities that await you on one visit to Spice Route on Spice Fridays! Relax and have kegs of fun as the DJ heats the club with the best hip-hop, Naija and RnB songs.

Sexy Saturdays

Just like the Spice Fridays, Sexy Saturdays is another name for the coolest night party in Lagos city. Visit Spice Route on Saturday evenings to have a fun-filled time.

Bollywood Night

You also get to enjoy traditional Indian music on Bollywood Nights.

Spice Route is a great location for anyone who just wants to have fun or devour delicious Asian delicacies.


- Varieties of traditional Indian food.

- The cool and serene ambience

- Affordable intercontinental dishes

- Night Club

- On-guard security agents


People of all colour and race are welcome to have a good time at Spice Route restaurant. However, persons less than 18 years of age, are not allowed into the nightclub.


If you wish to go clubbing, the best days of the week to visit Spice Route are Fridays and Saturdays.

However, if you want to have a nice meal and rest from the bustle of the day, it is best advised that you visit the restaurant on weekdays i.e. Mondays to Fridays


This is a very safe location

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