Jade Palace Chinese Cuisine
Jade Palace Chinese Cuisine
Jade Palace Chinese Cuisine
How to get to Jade Palace Chinese Cuisine


By car,motorcycle,tricycle,bus


Things to do at Jade Palace Chinese Cuisine


Drink, Eat, Meet friends, Relaxation,

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About Jade Palace Chinese Cuisine

If you asked anyone where to get the best Chinese food, you would probably be directed to the Jade Palace. The restaurant's setup is simple and well-lit. Very comfortable dining experience, and polite staff to attend to your needs and ensure you have a lovely experience at the restaurant


Jade Palace Restaurant is a relatively safe place to be

What to Do/What to bring

At the Jade Palace restaurant,one can enjoy a nice Chinese meal relaxing in the spacious eating area,You might want to go along with a dining companion,a debit card as an alternative means of payment,a healthy appetite cause you are not to be disappointed with the outcome

You might want to try out the Pecking duck or the chinese noodles at the restaurant,its been noted to be amongst the customers favourites at the restaurant

Best Features

The good quality and delicious meals as well as the gracious and polite staff at the restaurnat is definitely one of its best features.It also has a very spacious dining area and a private room which could be reserved for business meetings or just a private meal with friends or alone

Most Common Visitors

Most Common visitors at the restaurant are usaully the chinese food enthusiasts,the tourists in for a visit,couples or individuals who crave a nice good chinese meal

Customer Reviews

  • After having a bad experience the previous night in a different establishment coming here was a Godsend the food was excellent and staff very helpful and friendly

  • The restaurant is huge serving Chinese cuisine. Loved the tofu stuff. Price is a bit on the higher side, but all decent places in Lagos are like this.

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