Hermitage Garden Resort, Lagos.

Hermitage Garden Resort Description

About Hermitage Garden Resort

Hermitage Garden Resort has a lucent beach front has an epicurean mini-villas offers wonderful ocean view with its own balcony and has an expansive and soothing environment. It is a privy resort on the Lekki/Ajah pennisular area of Lagos. It has recreational features which include indoor and outdoor sports facilities such as beach football, boating, fishing and play water sport. The resort also has a restaurant which serves delicious local and international cuisines where you can dine in.


This is a very safe location but guests are advised not to go too far down the beach.

Things to Do

Play water sports, take a romantic walk with your lover on the beach, swim, play indoor games, go fishing, boating or even play beach football. You are guaranteed a wonderful time here.

What to Bring

While heading to the Hermitage Garden Resort, here is a list of helpful things to take along with you, change of clothes,swim wear, flip flops, sport wear that fits the kind of sport you want to partake in, cash or credit/debit cards.

Best Features

The resort boasts a vast sandy beach front, upscale swimming pool, interesting nature trail, various indoor and outdoor sports and a top restaurant to dine in.

Best Time to Visit

The resort is always open, visitors can troop in and out anytime they want.

Most Common Visitors

The most common visitors are tourists, fun lovers, class groups, families, couples, corporate bodies.

Why You Should Visit

To go relax and have fun, have a good family bonding.



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