Whispering Palms, Lagos.

Badagry Road, Iworo

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Whispering Palms.

This is a popular resort far away from the hustle and bustle of Lagos city. Aptly named for the murmur-like whisperings of the Palm trees that dot the resort, it is the perfect getaway spot.

Security/Safety of Whispering Palms

This is a very safe location.

  • The road leading to the resort from central Lagos is bad, although currently being worked on. So take that into consideration and prepare accordingly.

Best Features

This resort offers ecological, beach, and aquatic tourism where tourists and adventurers can relax, unwind, enjoy sights and be at peace with nature and oneself. The landscape was beautifully designed with lush vegetation and largely dominated by palm trees. The road within the resort looks fascinating as it is lined with palm kernel residue. The entire environment is quiet with stunning ambiance and a contrast to the maddening crowd and noise of the busy Lagos metropolis.

Writer's Review

It also features a mini-museum and amusement parks, a swimming pool, luxurious hotel accommodations, and a zoo along with the beach.

  • The environment is superb and serene. Good outdoor bar, good sand beach sit-outs, and excellent lagoon view-Olaolu
  • Lovely resort and has friendly staff. I went there with the children and there were activities for kids too like playgrounds with swings. Wouldn't mind going back every once in a while to escape the stress of the city-Bukola


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Badagry Road, Iworo

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