Peperuwa Lake
Peperuwa Lake
How to get to Peperuwa Lake


car, motorcycle, bus, tricycle


Things to do at Peperuwa Lake


Dance, Drink, Meet friends, Play, Relaxation, Sightseeing, Swim,

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Peperuwa Lake
Peperuwa Lake

About Peperuwa Lake

Peperuwa lake is a natural lake located at the North West of Assaikio town which is about 50km from Lafia, the Lake surface is estimated at over 7km length and 3.8km wide. The Peperuwa Lake is home to a lot of geese, hippopotamus, fishes, and duck among other sea creatures. This is a lovely lake that offers guests a nice time to have fun and explore the wonder that the environment holds.


There is no threat to safety here, this is a relatively safe location. Guests are advised not to be too close to the hippopotamus though.

Things to Do

Play games, play water sports, sightsee, camping, picnicking.

What to Bring

Before heading to the Peperuwa lake, here are some things to take along with you; picnic set, swimming trunks, head gears, camera.

Best Features

The aquatic life in the lake and the game reserve situated opposite the lake.

Best Time to Visit Peperuwa Lake

The best time to visit Peperuwa lake is during the weekedns when there a lot of people to tke part with in games.

Most Common Visitors

Fun lovers, families, tourists, nature lovers are the most common visitors at the lake.

Why You Should Visit

To relax, indulge and take the time off work because of the rich resources and sightseeing activities which the lake offers to the eyes.

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