Ikot Ekpene Prisons, Akwa Ibom.

Between Utuikpe and Abiakpo Edem Idim, Ikot Ekpene

Ikot Ekpene Prisons Description

History of Ikot Ekpene Prisons

Ikot Ekpene Prisons was built in 1919.

Built by the colonial administration in 1919.

Known as the most beautiful and magnificent in the country, this state-of-the-art correctional facility is a place where offenders are rehabilitated preparatory for a second chance in society on completion of their terms.

Security/Safety of Ikot Ekpene Prisons

This is a very safe location.

Best Features

A decent environment, the facility is very clean. It has ample spaceboth in and out with sports facilities like a football pitch. There is also a chapel for the spiritual growth and development of inmates and workshops for skill acquisition.

Writer's Review

The spick and span humane environment the Ikot Ekpene correctional facility affords its inmates contrasts sharply to the Nigeria prison reality. The inmates see themselves as lucky to serve their time here. They lauded the good food and clean environment and even said they follow developments in the outside world on mounted televisions.

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Between Utuikpe and Abiakpo Edem Idim, Ikot Ekpene

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